Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Free Facebook Likes - LikesPlanet.com Review



What is LikesPlanet.com?

LikesPlanet is your way to Advertise your social pages or earn Money by doing Likes!

18,105 Users Joined LikesPlanet network!

221 Users Joined LikesPlanet within last 24 hours!

50% Referrals Earnings!


How to More Earn In LikesPlanet?

How LikesPlanet Works ?

How to Get Points ?

There are 4 different ways to earn points.
#1 Earn Points by Buying Them
If your time is important to you then this might be the best option for you. You can purchase points by going to this page. All points purchased will be added to your account Instantly. We accept PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve.
#2 Earn Points by Following, Liking, etc.
In order to earn points this way just click on one of the Icons at the top of this page. If you're wanting to Like Facebook Pages for Points then click on the "Facebook Likes" icon. You will receive a list of pages to interact with. The "Points" listed under each page is how many points you will receive for Liking that page.
#3 Earn Points by Referrals
You can earn points for telling your friends, family or customers about LikesPlanet. Just use your "Referral Link" when sending them to the site. You will receive 100 Points for each person join under your referral + 600 points for each active referral + 5% of its profits that signs up to LikesPlanet from a different internet connection.
#4 Earn Points by Daily Bonus
We also offer a daily bonus each day. You can earn this daily bonus just by logging in every day and doing some hits.

How do I get Likes, Followers,..etc ?

In order to get Likes, Followers etc you must have points saved up. You'll also need to have your account, page, etc added on your LikesPlanet account. To add your content hover over the section that relates to what you want to add (example If you want to add Facebook Page to get likes then click on 'Facebook Likes' icon at top of this page). then just click on "Add Facebook Page" tab. Once you add content to your account make sure to add some points on your site. Points should be added on your sites, You will do not get fans when your page has No points, Even if you have enough points in balance.

What is CPC?

CPC is how many points you are willing to spend per like, follow etc. For example if you set CPC to 5 on a Facebook Page then you will spend 5 Points for each Like you receive. The higher your CPC is the faster you will gain likes, followers, etc. The lower your CPC the slower you will gain followers, likes, etc. Make sure to Add Points each time manually when points end for your page. It's also important to note that VIP Premium members can set CPC Higher than standard members.


Facebook Pages Likes - Become a Fan and Earn points/cash.

To get free points/cash by liking others Facebook Pages click on 'Like' button, You will see simple Mobile copy of Fan-Page.
Press 'Like' button, Like page, then come back and 'Confirm' to earn Points/Cash!
To get free points/cash by liking others Youtube Pages click on 'Like' button, You will see simple Mobile copy of Fan-Page.
Press 'Like' button, Like page, then come back and 'Confirm' to earn Points/Cash!

Google Plus/Shares/Votes - Share Sites on Google and Earn points/money.

To get free points/money by sharing websites, click on 'Vote' button, You will see small 'Google Plus' button.
Click on 'Google Plus' button, wait for 3 seconds, then click on 'Confirm' to earn Points/Money!

Twitter Followers - Follow Profiles to Earn points/cash.

Here you can Follow Twitter Profiles to earn Points/Money.
Click on 'Follow' button, Follow profile on Twitter then 'Close Oppened Window'.

Watch Video Lessons made by LikesPlanet USERS.

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 This Post Conclude that LikesPlanet.com is a Very good and Legit site and it pay all the time.


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